This weather didn’t bother me

There is nothing better than owning a home that suits everyone who lives there.  I recently married a man who had never been married. He was in his mid forties and set in his ways.  His home reflected the severity of his lifestyle, and I moved into his home. There was no way I was going to get comfortable in his home, and I had to find a way to tell him.  The bedroom was dark and more like the chambers in an old Victorian novel. I needed something light and airy. I was in kitchen making coffee when he nuzzled my neck and told me we were going shopping.  We went to a custom furniture designer. We sat for hours, just talking to the furniture designer and to the interior designer. He told me that he wanted to know what I needed in the house to make it my home.  We ended up getting rid of the heavy, ornate, and dark bedroom furniture. We took out the old four poster bed and we had a custom built hardwood bed that was sturdy and yet comfortable. The interior designer help us to pick out the bed pillows and the material that would go into the draperies, the bedding and the bolsters.  We chose carpeting and we had the opportunity to pick the softest of linens. We even ordered a couple pieces of furniture that would make the rest of the house a bit more feminine. I love our new home and I feel as if I belong here with him..

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