This was quite shocking

It can be wallet draining to make repairs to your home; whether it is work in the yard, construction, or maintenance, home ownership can be extremely expensive.  I found this out the hard way, a few years after I bought my first home. It was a small three bedroom and two bathroom cabin. It was at the high end of my price range, but I was going to be a lot closer to work. The savings in gas alone would particularly make up for the high mortgage payment. The first year was tough, but I managed to keep a few dollars in the savings account plus pay all of my bills on time. Everything was great, until the air conditioning stopped working completely. It was a cheap window unit, but it was the only means to cool the bedroom. When the air conditioning stopped putting out frigid air; I had to make a decision fast! Most of the brand new air conditioners were close to $200 dollars; which would would deplete my savings account altogether. It was getting hotter and more uncomfortable by the day, and summer was only just starting. At my wit’s end,  I decided to empty my savings account and seek out a new air conditioner. Thank goodness, I found someone on Craigslist who was selling a used unit. It appeared to be barely used, and was decently priced. I got the guy to agree on $125 and I went to go get it this morning. The unit works like a dream and was a steal. The unit’s retail price is close to three of my bills. I am quite happy.

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