This was my choice

I woke up in the middle of the night because it was incredibly hot inside! I ran to the thermostat to find that the air conditioning system was not working and the thermostat was at 85 degrees! It was way too sizzling hot in our apartment and I knew that I couldn’t call an A/C dealer unless I wanted to pay a small fortune for emergency repairs! I decided to call my sibling up, who happened to be an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C technician… He was complaining about me calling him at such a time but then he heard me out on what was going on. He agreed to come over with his tools. He lives right around the corner from me so it didn’t take him long to arrive at our house. It was about 3am and he had everything up and running again quickly. I was amazed at his work but when that cooling air was flowing again in our house, I was so relieved. I thanked my brother so much for his work and he told me I owed him big time for waking him up in the middle night. I told him I would take him out to breakfast sometime and I would make sure to bring him some beer a little later in the night. He said that sounded good and it would be fun to go shoot some pool too. I agreed that I would cover the costs for everything and buy him drinks, both of us had such a good time that day.