This was a scary decision

Tonight my  partner went out for chicken wings and beers with his buddy Taylor. They try to go out at least once every couple of weeks, and they usually go to my partner’s favorite place. This restaurant is right down the street, and my partner loves it there! It’s one of those places where all of the waitstaff and bartenders know him and they yell out his name when he walks through the doors, so of course he likes going there. The other thing that he likes about it is the fact that he says that the place has the world’s best indoor air quality. He says that the air conditioner is never set too cold and that in the winter, the heat from the oil furnace isn’t ever set too hot. He knows the owner there pretty well. He’s always bragging on the way that the guy knows how to set a thermostat. I laugh at him because it’s pretty funny to care so much about a restaurant’s heating and air conditioning issues. My partner says that other than the food and the service, indoor air quality is the most crucial thing of all at a restaurant. Once he mentioned that, I started thinking that maybe he was right. I remember going to a steakhouse once and the air conditioner was turned down so low that the entire place was cold. I couldn’t even enjoy my meal because I thought it was so chilly in there. And then there was another time that we made the choice to go out to eat tacos and the interior of the restaurant had the oil furnace turned up so high that it felt like we were eating inside of an oven! So I know that he’s right. Indoor air quality  does have a lot to do with the ambiance of a restaurant.