This was a great decision

This is going to seem crazy, but I always hear sounds, and this is not as abnormal as you might think. I’m very sure that there are several healthy citizens out there that perhaps hear sounds but are able to just block them out. I assume I have become fairly superb at our selective hearing. However, lately things have been becoming worse. I have attempted taking all types of medications, but I finally figured out that I needed to be checked into a mental health location. It’s sort of funny that when I checked into the site, the sounds were basically screaming about the air conditioner being too strong or too weak. I can’t tell you how bothering that was because I thought the temperature control in the facility was ideal. Occasionally I notice myself getting terrible migraines from this mental illness as well as they can become rather excruciating. There are times when I just want to yell to just make the sounds hush! This is why I felt the urgency to be checked into this mental health location. My therapist very agreed that it was a superb election of mine. I’m really to the point where I believe it’s rather tough to function out there in the actual world, and even just attempting to drive, I get so distracted by these bothersome voices. In those cases, I will usually just crank up the air conditioning as well as turn on the radio! Occasionally, the air conditioning surprisingly assists me, but it fails more often than that. Just the other week, our therapist let me suppose that he learned about a new medication that he wanted me to attempt to use. I said that it couldn’t hurt, and I began taking these new meds. I was rather astounded: the sounds actually stopped! I particularly don’t desire to jinx it, even though I am actually joyful now. I want my life to change for the better.

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