This was a great cabin

The annual tradition of heading to the cabin, hanging out with the guys, and sitting in a tree stand for hours in the cold may not seem like fun to many people, but for me it is everything.  My uncle built the cabin by hand many years ago and now, he comes up to join my cousins and I every year. It isn’t much but it is warm and dry so that is all that matters. This year, as I was packing my gear, I felt a bit off.  I thought I was just tired. I figured that once I was in the clean mountain air I would feel better. The drive to the cabin was ok but by the time I arrived I just wanted to go to bed. I made sure that the wood stove was going and piled on the blankets.  Even with the fire blazing I was still freezing cold. When everyone else arrived they started complaining about the fact that it was so hot inside. My uncle then pulled out a large space heater, plugged it in where I was sleeping and closed the door. At least this allowed everyone else to be comfortable.  They even opened the door to let some of the heat out. I never even made it out into the woods because I was sick the entire time I was there. Me and my space heater spent the entire week in my room. Everyone was afraid of catching what I had so they would slide my meals in just beyond the door and close it quickly. I guess I really couldn’t blame the on that one.

heat and cool