This thing is the most luxurious

You can have anything built for your home nowadays if you are willing to pay for it plus hunt the right person down who makes it. Now, I recently found myself to be an animal owner! There was a stray animal on the street down the block that just decided I was his mama, but he started darting in my house, begging for food plus meowing and rubbing up against me. He is now my animal that I spoil and enjoy like nobody’s business. I have bought scratch posts, toys, treats plus animal bowls. The newest random thing I wanted to get him was an animal house, then online I saw pictures of elaborate houses that cats play in all day. They hide in the beach house when they play or just chill inside the space. I decided at some point to get a custom made animal beach house created rather than just buy something cheap online. I wanted the catbeach house to look the same as my actual condo plus be made of nice material, and since the animal beach house will stay indoors all the time, I wanted it not to be an eyesore. The custom furniture builder was totally amazing, but not only was he nice about getting the exact deimsions for the house I wanted, even though he had so many creative ideas for the house. He impressed me when he also did research on cats to see what my kitty would enjoy the best. He called and proposed the beach house be tall, not wide since cats are soothed by tighter spaces. He even made the roof of the beach house a nice material to scratch.


Glamour in silverleaf