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We had some really  fantastic summer seasons over the last few years.  We’ve enjoyed an abundance of sunshine and blue skies. For me, a perfect summer season includes lots of activities I like. I am a huge fan of basketball, and shooting  hoops in the driveways is always fun for me. I do lots walking and hiking trails and sometimes shoot my bow plus arrow. When I have the opportunity, I head to a nearby beach, or swim in a local pool. However, what makes a difficult summer season is excessive heat and humidity.  I didn’t always have a way to cool off by simply adjusting the thermostat. Some of my worst summer seasons were when I did not have any Air Conditioning in my home. While I was in my second year of college, I rented a very cheap and rundown apartment. Money was tight. I could barely afford to buy my books. There was no way I could afford the type of apartment that featured central cooling.  I was barely able to come up with the money to buy a box fan. I had a very old fan that I bought second hand, and it sounded like a helicopter was taking off in my room. I desperately needed an improvement. I was worried about passing my classes, because I couldn’t sleep or study. As luck would have it, my friend told me that he just had replaced a window air conditioner. He offered me his old cooling unit for free.  Although it was rather old, loud and bulky, I was thrilled to have it. I shoved that old portable cooling unit into my bedroom window. It made such a difference in the temperature. I could finally get a good night’s sleep and concentrate to study and do homework. That portable air conditioner was a lifesaver. I will never go without air conditioning after that experience.

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