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Throughout university, my friends and I were adventurous. Our small university town had little to offer, so the weekends were for road trips and getaways to nearby cities. The two of us all were interested in exploring new areas and trying new food, so each weekend the two of us would choose a new place to venture for the weekend; Like most university students, our budget was really limited and the cars the two of us had at the time were reliable, but nothing flashy.  Typically, the two of us would take my best friends vehicle because she had the best air conditioner program in her vehicle and she enjoyed to drive. As the two of us did every weekend, the two of us all piled into her vehicle and set off, stereo and air conditioner blasting to find our summer time weekend adventure. The rapidly increasing temperatures had been harshly high throughout that summertime and the two of us were all grateful for the cool air coming from the air conditioner. When the two of us stopped for small breaks, the two of us would rush from the air conditioner of her vehicle through the balmy summer time air into the cool air conditioner of our stop. The two of us were set for another great weekend, until, without warning the air conditioner completely stopped blowing. Although there was air coming from the air conditioner, the fan was not entirely working and it was sizzling air. The two of us rolled down the windows and tried to make the best of it, but the heat inside the vehicle was almost unbearable. Only half way to our destination, the two of us made a stop at the local mechanic to see if they could help. The two of us sat inside the air conditioned shop waiting for the mechanic to assess the problem. Luckily, the problem was an easy repair so the two of us soon had an air conditioned vehicle once again and were able to like the rest of our weekend trip.

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