This store should really be cleaner

 My big brother and I thought it would be a promising idea to open our own HVAC distributor business. He had been employed at a heating and cooling shop for several years.  I was attending technical school and working on my degree in heating and air conditioning sciences. Thanks to my mother for helping us out financially, together we had enough money to get started. After I graduated we started shopping around for the perfect location for our new HVAC shop. The property would have to have a bay with plenty of room for several A/C service trucks, chemicals, supplies and stock items. We planned to keep our store stocked with all the necessary supplies to operate and efficient heating and cooling distributor business.  We found three properties that met our requirements. We let our mother choose the best location for us, which was the one closest to our home. This location used to be an auto mechanic shop, until the owner went out of business last summer. We made an offer on the property and bought it six weeks ago. It took a few weeks to clean the area and stock the shelves, but we are finally ready to start taking service calls. My brother and I will each have our own service repair truck, so we can simultaneously take A/C service calls. Hopefully, our company will grow quickly, because our little brother is on track to graduate from technical school in the fall. We will be purchasing him his own A/C repair truck and putting him to work as soon as the ink on his diploma dries.

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