This seems amazing

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the whole year. I really like Christmas a lot too, but there is something fun about skeletons, zombies, and making kids cry. Each year on Halloween, we decorate the house in many different adornments. We have skeletons and ghosts hanging from the tree. We have a nice graveyard scene, complete with an empty grave. We have a cauldron with dry ice, roasting a skeleton over a toasty fire. My wife and I apply a heap of makeup, in order to transform our face and bodies into something scary and creepy. This year was a disaster, because the outdoor temperatures were too hot and humid for face paint. The outdoor thermometer easily read 84 degrees on Halloween morning. We sat in front of the air conditioner all day, trying to apply a little paint at a time. The temperature dropped by a few degrees over the afternoon, but the heat was still Relentless at 5 in the afternoon. We tried to sit in front of the air conditioner as much as possible. The moment I left the air conditioner, the red paint immediately started to drip down my face. My wife was having the same problem. The temperature didn’t fall much, by the time trick-or-treaters started to arrive. We couldn’t take the air conditioner outside, so we did our best to stay cool. An hour after trick-or-treating began, the makeup was sliding down my neck. I think it helped me look more gruesome. I really hate having to worry about the heat and humidity, at the end of October.

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