This place looks amazing!

The people I was with and I located a contractor to go into our modern office space and make sure it was prepared for us after our move.  The moving contractor had sited all the furniture and such but left a disaster in their path. There was still packing materials, dust and other debris and all of us couldn’t have our clients showing up to that mess.  The people I was with and I had gotten all our stuff and driven over the long weekend and needed everything to look like it was professionally cleaned and staffed first thing in the morning. The people I was with and I hired a janitorial contractor to go in and get the place in proper order.  They did a full sweep of the offices as all of us had expected but all of us found that they did a bit more as well. The owner of the cleaning company prided himself on making sure everything from the windows to the rugs in a place of contractor was clean and sparkling. He even went so far as to vacuum the dust on the air vents so that no dust came out of them when all of us used the heat. When he gave us the checklist to us upon completion of the job all of us were very happy with all that they had cleaned and completed.  He then gave us a proposal for their services on a full time basis and all of us immediately wanted to sign on with them. This janitorial contractor is lovely and their staff is amazing at what they do. Each of them has been background checked to make sure that they are bondable too. This was the best decision all of us made other than moving to our new places in the first place! If you are in the market for a cleaning contractor all of us would recommend them to you without fear.

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