This place is filthy

I just love to clean! I know; most people would think I’m weird. To me, cleaning is relaxing and rejuvenating. When I’m angry, I clean, and it gives me so much relief from my anger. Cleaning also energizes me. When I can look and see the difference that I made in the house, or even in a small section of a room, it just makes me feel good. There are some things that I like to clean more than others though, and there are a few things I try to avoid having to clean. I love cleaning the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. I don’t so much love to clean the bathroom, but it’s not as bad as cleaning the air conditioners. Cleaning the filters in our A/C units is my least favorite thing to clean. I would rather clean the bathroom dozens of times than clean the air conditioner filters. It’s something about that nasty smell of it that makes me feel sick whenever I clean them. It’s also a hassle for me to get the front covers off of the units. Although my husband has shown me how to get the covers off quite a few times, I just can’t seem to do it like he can. To avoid cleaning the air conditioner filters, I’m actually considering getting one of my sons to do it for me. All my sons are really good cleaners, and I think they would be willing if they were compensated. Whether I can get one of my boys to do it or not, I’m going to do my best to find someone willing to clean them because it’s not for me.