This moment in time

I remember it well. It was summer months of 1984 and the open road lay in front of us like a pathway right into paradise. My family hit a road for a week-long voyage into whatever caught our sight. It was gearing up to be a hot day the morning of our departure, we could even see the waves with heat already emanating from the surface of the streets. We drove all day with windows down and enjoyed the cool breeze considering that it blew into the car. Finally we had to stop for one night at what looked being a broken-down motel. After we unpacked our things we realized that the air conditioning wasn’t working. The night brought in it unbearable heating so my father called front  desk to see if they would call an HVAC technician in the future fix it. The owner said he would call the local HVAC provider to send someone out asap. While we waited, we huddled within the broken air conditioner hoping for some sort of miracle, but none came. Soon the HVAC technician arrived and began to work on our unit. It seemed to take forever as the night air was heating our room. Even this HVAC technician was bathed around sweat! Soon, however, he found the foundation of the problem and fixed our air conditioner. It couldn’t have fallen a moment too soon once we were desperate for some air conditioning air to come flowing as a result of our furnace-like room. We were finally in a position to get some much-needed rest, plus the next morning we departed into the open road.

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