This mini split is fancy

A few days ago, I got the biggest laugh from my ten year old daughter. Somebody had mentioned mini-split in her presence and my daughter, who is obsessed with all things fashion, immediately started spitballing about mini-skirts. Excitedly, she asked if I’d buy her a mini skirt. Yeah right! When I asked why, she told me she just heard that mini-splits are the big thing in fashion today, and she didn’t want to feel left out by her friends. She told me she wanted her mini skirt to have several splits, one on either side. This kid had no idea what she was talking about! After I had managed to stop laughing, I explained to her that “mini split” had to do with Heating and A/C or temperature control. The “split” I told her, referred to the fact that one half of the system is install inside & the other, outside. The outside portion my be a generator or air pump, while the inner portion was the air handler. She had totally lost interest by the time I began telling her about how it supported zone control, and that because each room had its own control unit, there was plenty of energy savings born from it. I took her hand and led her over to our own mini split Heating and A/C unit attached to the garage for illustration. She seemed somewhat enlightened by the more accurate information, but she was still hung up on the dream of a fancy split-skirt to wear to school. Sorry kiddo, you’re too young to dress like that. The only mini-splits I want you to have in your head are the ones keeping the garage cool!

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