This makes sense to me

The other day my kids wanted to go on a trip to the amusement park. Unfortunately, the a/c gave out on us, and it was a long ride! I went to adjust the temperature control, but the air was barely even cool. It was certainly better than nothing though, so I kept the windows down and the a/c going to try and stay cool. It seemed crazy to let a/c air just fly out the window, however it was the only way to try and stay somewhat comfortable. When we arrived at the theme park, it was steaming hot, and my boys were dying, so we bought some ice cold sodas. We figured our best bet was the water park, since there was no cooling system around. When we in the water, it was refreshingly cool. It was so relaxing and we were sufficiently cooled off. The waterpark was a godsend. My boys were having so much fun, that we stayed there until the water park closed. That was when the sun was starting to set. As I was driving home, I asked the kids if they wanted, pizza and they said yes. I went inside to order the pizza and it seemed as if there was no a/c in the building! I didn’t expect to be there for too long, but I was wrong. I was in there for roughly 30 minutes languishing in the heat. I asked them about their thermostat however they said their HVAC system wasn’t working. They explained that there was an HVAC repairman coming who was running late. When I finally got my order and was leaving, that’s when I saw the HVAC van pull up to the site. I thought that was lucky for them, but too late for me!

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