This makes me happy

Recently, I got an internship at a local veterinary clinic, but this is my true passion to work with animals and I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity! Well yesterday the clinic had a bit of a crisis. The HVAC system inside of the clinic completely broke down in the middle of the morning! This was an absolute catastrophe; both the people and animals were suffering in this situation! Everyone was so busy that they asked me to nicely contact the HVAC company instantly so the issue could be taken care of right away! I paused for a minute and decided that I could do one better. My brother happened to be a professional HVAC professional and I knew that he had that morning off! Instead of calling some random HVAC company where the professional would take too long to get out to our clinic, I called my brother and he showed up right away, I think because he also cares for animals strongly, just chose a different career path. He got to the clinic quickly, about fifteen minutes, with his tools ready to go. I showed him to the HVAC component and he got to work. I was so proud of my brother because he was able to fix the air conditioning in roughly 30 minutes – once he had that air conditioning cranking, everyone cheered for him! Of course all of the staff members were tied up with these tired and hot animals, however they still provided him their thanks. Later on when they talked to me about the HVAC professional, they asked me if I knew him and I was so proud to brag and tell them that he was my brother!

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