This is working great

So, I got hitched to a do-it-yourself type of guy.  Raul is always interested in repairing anything he can get his hands on. He fixes anything that seems to be broken or would split in the next day or so.  Raul is a fixer looking to repair or better something even if it really didn’t need it. I could tell Raul was on the search to find or fix up something as he strolled through the house listening to every part of machinery that we had.  Raul would begin in the bathroom. He would check to see if the toilet was leaking or the pipes were rusted. Our bedroom was next. Once he was sure that the frames & windows, he moved on. This time the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system is what he wants to check.  This was is 1st house so Raul was downright excited to make for sure that our heating & air conditioner device had all the service & upfront care that it needed to work out efficiently. I knew that this style of machinery was new for him since both of us had at the time, lived in apartments.  But I became concerned when Raul began to do an internet search on how to do some service on our particular heating & cooling system. It began small enough. First, Raul evaluated the air ducts for dirt, mold or mildew build up. It seem, from what Raul reported to me, that the past owners had done a nice job with keeping the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system real clean.

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