This is what I really wanted

I am an HVAC technician and I really love my work. The thing is, my values don’t really match my employer’s. The boss doesn’t seem to care so much about helping people but really just cares about making as much money as possible. He rarely allows discounts for services and charges way too much for emergency service rates.

            I always feel bad for all these people who are stuck without heating in the midst of a snow storm or are dying in the heat in the summer season. I always have to charge them these outrageous emergency fees and they have no choice but to pay because they were not able to get help from other HVAC companies. The best thing I can tell people is to just be proactive about your HVAC system maintenance. If you have us come out at least once per year, there’s a good chance that your HVAC equipment will last to the next year without any serious concerns. I always tell everybody to change those air filters regularly as well and this will prevent excessive dust and debris getting into the machine

         . From what I’ve seen in my line of work, the number one cause of HVAC system breakdowns is the lack of changing the air filter. It’s crazy how something so simple can be so detrimental to your HVAC, but the air filters are designed to protect the HVAC and your air quality. One of these days, I hope to run my own HVAC company so I can offer people fair services and ultimately help the community.