This is very weird

I love to travel, and I do it every single chance that I get! I’ve been fortunate enough to see a handful of foreign countries over the years, plus I hope to keep travelling throughout the rest of our life. My favorite venue that I’ve been so far was South America, I believe. I saw some fantastic landscapes there, ate some truly delicious food, plus met lots of appealing people. The only thing that I had a very difficult time decreasing to was the fact that most of the hotels I used on the journey didn’t have air conditioning. I spent most of our time out there in small cities where cooling systems weren’t common in most of the homes and public places. It didn’t help that I went during the hottest space of the year, in particular. I recognize the adjustment was so difficult because I was very used to leaving the air conditioner on all of the time back home. I’m honestly just sort of blood boiling natured, plus the air conditioning system is what keeps myself and others adequately comfortable above most other things. Nothing else helps. Still, after a couple of weeks I became less and less aware of the fact that there was no air conditioning system where I was consistently staying. I ended that trip feeling that I had honestly challenged myself over that journey in a new way, plus I was less concerned with luxuries plus having lots of current amenities. In fact, I ended up downsizing an buying a much smaller house without installing an AC unit.

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