This is very new technology

It is difficult for me to realize just how much difference computer have made in the world, as far as ease goes, since I have always had one.  My grandfather is in his eighties and he tells me all about what it was like when he was younger. He loves to reminisce about his younger days, when he worked on the railroad.  I sometimes romanticize his job because it was on the railroad and he the job of switch man. For over twenty years, he was the one who was responsible for changing the direction of the tracks.  He was only eighteen when he began working for the railroad and he says that no one ever thought the job could be done any other way than by manual maneuvering. No matter what the weather was, he had to go to the juncture in the tracks and physically make the switch to keep the trains running in the right direction.  If he messed up his job, it could put two trains on the same track, going in opposite direction. Right before he retired from his job, things were made much simpler because the switches were then being made with electrical current. I can’t begin to imagine how he feels when he sees the trains now. They are fully automated and all of the switches are done electronically.  Computer specialists write the programming that keeps the trains running the on the right tracks at all times. This means this is very little human interaction. Even though I was brought up with computers this still amazes me.

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