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Never did get why anyone would even hire an interior designer. It constantly seemed to be that when you finally make the decision to buy your home, that a lot of the anticipation has nothing to do with the purchase. When I bought my home, my excitement was how to furnish the home. I needed to find the perfect window treatments. I was kind of bummed because some of my outer walls didn’t have any windows, but that was overcome when I discovered wall treatments. I was able to make a wall look just like a window with the addition of drapery. I couldn’t wait to find the perfect furniture. I have a truly eclectic style when it comes to what I like. I can’t pinpoint any one recognizable style. I was talking to the salesman in the furniture store and I was trying to explain how I dig bold colors, but yet I prefer to throw in the sands and beiges to keep it from looking clownish. I told him that i’m not into modern, but I like the comfortable look, but I prefer clean. He smiled at me and he started walking. He told me he found the best the thing for me. I was blown away when he told me it was called Eclectic Desert.  I didn’t care what he called it, I just called it home. I lived in the midwest, and I have a house that is supposed to look like a home from the desert. Some people just look at me with skepticism, but I am in love with my furnishing, and I did it my way.

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