This is very cool

Recently my brother and his fiance joined me and my fiance on a nice cruise together. It was a good time but halfway through the cruise, we experienced a  problem with the climate control system inside of our cabin. We found out when we decided to go to our cabin to get dressed for swimming. When we stepped inside the cabin, the air quality was horrendous. It was  overheated inside of there and I was sure that I hadn’t shut off the thermostat. Well after messing with the thermostat for a little while, I was not able to get the climate control system working at all. I had to get help. Luckily, they kept an HVAC professional on the ship during these cruises which I thought was rather convenient. The HVAC specialist got to work on our climate control system in our cabin while we decided to go swimming. He gave us a pager and said he would beep us when he was finished with the job. That was  convenient, because we would know when we could go back to our room and enjoy refreshing A/C once again! After we were swimming, I finally got the beep on our pager. There was a message that said everything was working good and he left the A/C on for us. I thought that was mighty nice of that young HVAC worker. When we decided to go back to our cabin, it was perfectly cool and the rest of our cruise was a really good time! I told everyone that we should do this sort of thing more often!

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