This is very alarming

I remember I was talking with a group of friends about how amazing it is that technology has been advancing at an alarming rate. I was asking them if they remembered the old style phones. I remember I had this nokia phone that could withstand anything! I couldn’t tell you how often I actually dropped that phone and it never broke. Also I could use it all of the time and the battery life seemed to last forever! I rarely had to charge the thing but with our smartphones these days, we have to charge them constantly as they are always losing battery life so fast. Of course, they can do so much more, and isn’t that the point? Well a friend of mine started bragging how he controls his smart thermostat with his smartphone. A lot of us were surprised at this, since it seemed none of us were aware of this sort of technology. I asked him how he was able to do that, did he have to install some sort of app and it just connected to the thermostat? He was saying that you had to purchase what is called a smart thermostat. You then get the smart app for it and you are able to connect to your thermostat via the WiFi connection. He was saying how he could control the HVAC system from just about anywhere where he was able to get a signal with his smartphone. He told us how he would get notifications also when he should have maintenance done and when he should change his air filters. If I had something like that, I would never forget to change the air filters! I thought it sounded cool. I had to say that was a perfect example of our technology advancing at an alarming rate since none of us even knew about it!

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