This is tough

I really dislike going to the doctor, but I still make appointments for my annual checkups. This past June, on the day of my appointment, the outside temperature was 88 degrees with 98% humidity. I ran the cooling system in my truck to make things more comfortable for the duration of my drive. However, the moment I step inside the doctor’s office, my teeth started to shake and my hair stood on end. The blast of air conditioning was kind of overwhelming. There was so much freezing air spilling from the vents, and it was making an awful rattling noise. When I checked in for the appointment, I complained to the receptionist about the freezing conditions. Despite my request, she declined to turn up the thermostat. I was left resting in the waiting room for fifty minutes. I switched seats a few times, however couldn’t escape the blast of freezing air. By the time I finally got called in for the appointment, I was in a terrible mood. The air conditioning in his office was not much better. I made sure to complain to the doctor about both the cold temperature in addition to the long wait. At the end of the appointment, I was positively shivering. If the doctor would raise his temperature control setting by a few degrees, his office would be more comfortable and then he could afford to lower his prices a bit. It was such a relief to step outside into the warm outside air. After that experience, I am now looking for a better doctor.  

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