This is the right thing to do

Our local church has a problem.  The building is old so it has old HVAC equipment.  The original boiler heating plan is still in location.  I am afraid that it won’t be for much longer. It is absolutely a stout piece of metal.  But it just doesn’t produce the punch needed to moderate the congregation of the old church.  There has been a heated debate among parishioners about how to resolve the heating issue. Much of the church wants to go with the local Heating plus Air Conditioning provider, who attends the church, separate from an estimate.  The other faction thinks that method is preposterous separate from accepting multiple bids. I am in the latter half of the group. Somewhat secretly, I became busy doing appointments with another Heating plus Air Conditioning business.  The heating plus cooling worker arrived as scheduled. The Heating plus Air Conditioning pro offered an estimate that was seriously lower than the congregation member. So, I tried another heating & cooling company to take a look. That Heating plus Air Conditioning company also offered a much lower price for removing then replacing the boiler.  This presents a challenge. As a deacon, I am obligated to go to the pastor with my findings with regard to replacing the boiler. The modern estimates offer solutions for both heating plus cooling at a lower rate than our church member. The cost quoted by the church member only covers replacing the boiler. That quote did not include the air conditioning side of the Heating plus Air Conditioning system.  I will have to go with my gut instinct on this. Recommending the cheaper but all incorporating Heating plus Air Conditioning method is the honest thing to do. I hate it that more than 2 people will be anxious by just changing out a boiler.

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