This is quite the problem

I have worked as the school nurse in a place here in town that is a private school. In the area where the school is fully located and where everyone does live, the weather is frosty plus snowy from mid September until early March, plus we all rely heavily on the oil furnace. The university’s oil furnace draws a ton of energy plus provides genuinely inconsistent temperature. The classrooms located the closest to the system are always terribly overheated plus educators often open their windows. They let the heated air escape and welcome in outside air, which is a immense waste of energy, because these classrooms are so warm plus stuffy, the kids have trouble concentrating plus often complain of headaches. The classrooms located the furthest away from the oil furnace are properly cold, plus the students are forced to wear their coats throughout the afternoon. My greatest issue is that the oil furnace is overly drying the air plus introducing contaminants. I always have students coming into my office with bloody noses, sore throats, plus allergy symptoms. I blame the oil furnace for the overly high absenteeism among both students plus faculty. It is really ridiculous and can be quite taxing on everyone. I really hope this situation will get fully fixed very soon.

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