This is pretty great

Recently, I went to another country for a medical tourism trip. I have been getting dental work done and have found it to be ridiculously expensive, so I traveled to another country to begin getting my dental work done there. I absolutely loved it and will be going back next year to get the rest of my dental work done. However, there was one thing I did not like. Air conditioning is not as common there as it is here. It is a hot humid country, just like it is here, but hardly anything is air conditioned. Here, in the southeast where I live, no one would dream of living without air conditioning. When I was away, though, I saw that many people with ordinary jobs do not use a/c. I went into some indoor shops, and they did not have air conditioning. When I rode in taxis, they almost never were using their air conditioners. I even rented a really cute two bedroom house when I was there, and there was a/c but only in the bedrooms. The bedrooms each contained a mini-split a/c, which was nice at night, but during the day when I wanted to be in the living room, having no air conditioning was just miserable. They did have ceiling fans and box fans, and I will admit the box fan especially helped me feel cool. The best thing about the house was the pool in the backyard. I got in the pool a lot! I don’t want to have be living without a/c again, so next year, when I go back I am going to look for a hotel with air conditioning rather than a house.

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