This is my true desire

I’m not sure why it happens, or if it happens to everyone, but every old person I know, never seems to get warm.  I remember how my mom was always wearing her shorts and t-shirt in the summer. She would romp around outside with us, and we would go swimming and have a great time.  Now that she is over eighty, I can barely get her to go outside. She seems to want to stay in her bedroom, wrapped up in a blanket or she comes out into the living room with her sweater on.  I am forever in my shorts and tank top because we live in the south. I took her shopping last week, and it was ninety-five degrees. She walked out with her long pants and her sweater over her shirt.  She said it was too chilly to go out without the sweater. I just stared at her. We went to visit a friend of hers who lives in an over-fifty community. We walked into the house, and I was about floored.  It must have been every bit as hot inside the house, as it was inside. My mom actually took off her sweater and the two of them sat there chatting and drinking hot coffee. All I wanted was to turn on the air conditioning.  I even sat near the air vents, hoping to catch even the smallest whiff of air conditioning, but I don’t think it was on. I couldn’t wait to get out of there and get into my car and turn on the air conditioner so I wasn’t feeling like I was going to pass out.

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