This is my next best thing

Wednesdays are for being lazy, if you ask me. If I didn’t have Wednesdays, I don’t suppose when I’d be able to recharge my battery because I work every other day of the week. Then my daily Wednesday routine usually consists of me waking up, making coffee, as well as heading to the couch for a motion picture marathon! However, last week, I wasn’t able to do this because I was having some problems with my heater. It was an especially cold as well as snowy day, so when I woke up to find that there was no hot air coming through the air vents, I instantly went to the thermostat to investigate. It was clear that I was going to have to call a heating and air conditioning service provider. But to make due until they could make it out on Monday, I had to rely on the fireplace. Luckily, I had a lot of wood chopped as well as stored in the garage. I enjoyed using my fireplace for the day, but it made me realize how much more effort it takes to get it running compared to just switching on the gas heater. I had nearly used all of my firewood by the time the heating and air conditioning repair guy made it out. I was easily lucky, if you ask me… While I may use the fireplace on special occasions, I suppose that that’s no way to heat an entire house! Maybe I’ll just buy a couple of area electric heaters so that I have a reliable type of back-up plan if my gas furnace ever gives out on me again! That would absolutely be the next best thing.

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