This is my birthday wish

I am the type of lady who is basically always cold. I know this about myself & have l acquired how to prepare for most situations so I can be comfortable, even in the summer, unless the temperature is above 85 degrees I know I might get frigid.  My friends love to make fun of me because I always have an extra scarf or sweater with me just in case. I drink sizzling pop year round & always ask for no ice in our water. Anything to avoid giving myself a chill. There are always several places I know I have to be extra careful to be prepared otherwise I will be undoubtedly uncomfortable & that is the movies, the grocery store, & the mall.  I don’t know what kind of heating & cooling plan these places are equipped with however I am always chilly chilly when I enter 1 of those buildings. Heating, Ventilation & A/C is undoubtedly important for dealers to keep their shops moderate in the Winter & cool in the summer. Customers need to be comfortable to care about their experience. Unfortunately I am just too sensitive. The worst time for me is the hottest summer time weeks.  I apparently want to dress to be comfortable in the outside heat but the minute I walk into a store I am totally chilly & have to rush to get everything done so I can get back outside. I’ve l acquired to dress in layers & be thankful that the people I was with and I have such unbelievable air conditioner in this world that I would even need a sweater in July.

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