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I hate everything having to do with vehicles. All I can say is, they give me nothing but trouble at every turn. I’ve owned several cars and each one of them has come with unique shortcomings which have cost me tons of time, energy, and money to sort out, and I don’t trust a single vehicle anymore because of these poor experiences. There’s nothing worse that hearing a strange sound or feeling something operating the wrong way, and having to call up the mechanic for an overpriced appointment. The only way it can get more annoying is when you have to wait around at the shop for the repair to be made. This is exactly what happened to me last month when I had a sudden issue with my car thermostat. I took it into the shop and immediately was displeased with my decision to wait there, as I opened the front door and was slapped in the face by freezing cold air emanating from the service center. I took a seat in the waiting room and wrapped my arms tightly around my body, trying to conserve some warmth in the overbearing air conditioning. The cold air seemed to be flowing from every direction at once, and I looked up to find that there were air vents located every few feet in the ceiling, meaning there was no way to escape from the frigid temperatures and drafty conditions. I sat there for at least three hours, chilled to the bone in the crazy AC settings. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see my stupid car than I was that day, as I climbed in and turned on the heating system.

forced air heating