This is how you make an improvement

Recently, I invested in a smart thermostat for my office. I own a small business located a few miles from my home.  Energy costs have been on the rise in our area, so I needed something that could make my HVAC system at the office more efficient.  I was paying a ton of money heating and cooling the office. I installed a smart thermostat so I could monitor the HVAC unit from my smartphone or computer.  It has already made quite the difference. When none of my employees are in the office, I turn down the thermostat so I’m not wasting energy heating or cooling an empty office.  Before my smart thermostat, my employees were responsible for closing up the office, and sometimes they forgot to turn down the thermostat. Now that I can check the temperature of my business anytime, anywhere, to make sure I’m not throwing away money. After a few months my smart thermostat learned when my employees were likely in the office, and when they were out of the office.  After a bit I barely had to touch my thermostat app. The smart thermostat also monitors my office’s humidity levels, which keeps both my employees and I comfortable all throughout the year. It also tells me when it’s time to change my HVAC filters. This is great because I am a busy man and often forget to change them regularly. Now that I never forget to change my HVAC filters, my HVAC is working better and my indoor air quality is cleaner.  This has been a great business expense, it has improved the work environment and saved me a ton on utilities bills. If you’re a business owner looking to manage your energy expenses, I highly suggest you look into smart thermostats.

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