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How come when people get old, they get cold? I have always been hot-natured, meaning I am almost always too warm, or at least warmer than most other people in the same room. BUt that is not true for old people. I remember my mother always being hot-natured, as well, but when she started getting older, it seemed as if she was always too cold. We live in the south, and I would be in shorts and a tank top, but my mother would be wearing a sweater. It is very weird, and I hope it does not happen to me if I ever get old. I also have a friend who now lives in an assisted living facility, and she is 92 or 93. When I go to visit her, I can barely breathe in her room. It is so stifling hot in there. Last time I went to visit, I purposely sat in the chair that is right next to the air vents. They have mini split a/c units in the home, so each little apartment has its own air conditioning and heater. I stayed and visited with my friend for about half an hour, and she kept asking me over and over if I was cold. There is no way I was cold! I saw the thermostat and it was reading 80 degrees! She, however, was cold, even with the thermostat reading 80. Eventually, I found that I really just needed to leave because if I stayed there much longer I was probably going to start feeling weak form the lack of adequate air conditioning.

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