This is about all I can do

Every day after college I would consistently stop at this a single certain  convenience store because it is severely freezing which I love! This store has anything and everything anyone could ever want or need, then what a relaxing way to beat the heat especially on those stifling afternoons living here in the south, one day I stopped by the store to option up a box of cereal and to our dismay it was as hotter inside than it was outside, however the smell of something sour and spoiling hit me right smack in the face as I walked in the front door, however i went and inquired as to what was going on and the clerk informed me that the air conditioning system had stopped now working a couple of afternoons ago and there was a backup of the local Heating and AC supplier sending business to assess and repair all Air Conditioners and Heaters. I was then told the store was going to close until the air conditioning system was up and running and the smell was gone for good. It was going to be quite fancy for the store as it was going to take upwards of more than 2 weeks before they would be able to reopen. The clerk had sweat pouring down his face even with a small desk fan blowing on high. I was so disappointed that I lost our nice cool locale to go after college in the sizzling and humid uneven temperatures, at least for more than 2 weeks, then a few weeks went by and I observed the doors were open again.  I went in to see how things were and the owner told me he had to have a brand current greater air conditioning system installed. The amount he spent to get his store back up and running was absurd, and hopefully this doesn’t mean prices will be driven up to cover what he spent.

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