This is a total mess

I love my hubby. Really. What I don’t always love are all of the people he brings along with him. Now, his Alaskan Husky, Buster, and his daughter, Kailey? They might have been a better deal than he was! But I’m not always as happy to see my new in-laws–not when they drop by “for the weekend” every other month. Unannounced. And since my hubby owns a music recording studio, he’s racked up a lot of musician friends who stop into town for gigs and always take up his offer to spend the night in our guest room! And don’t even get me started on all of our friends who drive cross country to visit (when you live in one of the music capitals of the world, people tend to miss you a lot more). It feels like we have the town’s most popular AirBNB–minus the extra income. But for all of my griping, I don’t actually mind having the company around the house (turns out my hubby’s not the only musician I think is cool). However, there are a few aspects of the whole deal that try my personal anxieties. For instance, all of the cleaning that goes into preparing a house for guests, plus sterilizing it again after they leave… You see, the real problem I have isn’t with all of the people–it’s with all of the germs. I’m most worried about the bacteria all of us breathe. Just thinking about all of the indoor air contamination coming from strangers’ coughs and sneezes, and dander… Ugh. It’s only nice when guests leave pieces of themselves behind metaphorically! But I have to deal with my indoor air handling system circulating those airborne pollutants throughout my home; That’s why I obsess over the quality of our indoor air, and have been pestering my hubby for a media air cleaner. Currently, after our guests leave, I have to go change all the air filters in our heating and cooling equipment, try my best to vacuum out the HVAC ducts, and wash down the air vents in every room. Every surface I can think of, I clean. I even purchased UV sterilization lights to zap any remaining bacteria circulating in the air. You know what would be a lot easier? Having a real media air cleaner hooked right up to our new Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan to remove all the airborne toxins. My dear hubby’s the one bringing all these germs into the house. I think he should help me get them back out.

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