This is a step in the right direction

The other day, I woke up to a surprise day off from work. I was extremely excited by this because it is always nice to get an expected break. However, I was less excited when I woke up the next day to the same mail from my boss. A day off here and there is nice, but not when I didn’t plan to go without pay. On the third day that we received the email, I called my boss to see what was really going on. It turns out that the heating in our office broke down “out of nowhere.” However, I didn’t really see it as out of nowhere. We have been experience problems with our heater for years. I repeatedly told my boss that the vents were clogged and air flow was poor. The air that did circulate throughout the office had poor air quality and was full of dust. I suggested that we have the custodial staff clean out the filters or that we call an HVAC company to service the units. Because my boss is stingy and she had a million other things on her mind, so she pushed the furnace to the back burner. Now, we have all been out of the job for almost a week. Given that it’s the middle of the winter, the busiest time of year for heating repairs, the HVAC technicians were not able to come in for a few days. When they finally did come in, they said it would take two days to install a brand new furnace. Therefore, we won’t start to work again until next week. While I’ve enjoyed the unexpected vacation, this all could have been prevented if my boss would have listened to me and called the HVAC company sooner.

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