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I got screwed over by our local a/c business. The people I was with and I are currently in a large battle that might result in a lawsuit. The issue started that I wanted to get a up-to-date central cooling system. I hired the A/C company and busy that I wanted an overflow kill switch with this cooling unit. What this space does is stop the A/C from running if there is a clog or excessive leaking inside of the system. The reason I wanted this is because our last cooling idea leaked a bunch and I was constantly fighting mold. The air cooling professional assured myself and others he would provide myself and others the space on the up-to-date A/C system. The cooling system was installed and went to work. Not even more than two weeks later I had a major leak in the house. Water was all over the location and mold was forming everywhere in our house. The A/C unit was covered in mold, the floor and even the walls. There also was mold forming within our walls as well. The house was basically ruined after more than two weeks of cooling use. I called a peculiar Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company to take a look at our system. The guy told myself and others that there was no overflow switch installed so that is why the water leaked. I have called the other company to complain since they have caused thousands of dollars in disfigure. They have yet to respond to our calls. This is why I am thinking of taking legal action against them. They need to take responsibility for what they did.

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