This is a situation

I hope that the older and colder situation doesn’t happen to me in a couple of years.  It seems like everyone I know, once they hit their eighties and sometimes in their seventies, they have a hard time staying warm.  My mom used to be really hot blooded, and it could be sixty-five, and she would be warm. I don’t remember our thermostat ever being up any higher than sixty-eight and she would be running around in her shorts.  Now, you can’t get her out of the house, even though it is in the upper eighties, without her sweater on. She is forever turning my air conditioning off, because she says it is too cold in the house. I just don’t understand it.  I come home from work, and I have to turn up the air conditioner to cool off, and she is in her bedroom. I swear she must have the heater on, it is so hot in there. Last week, I took her to visit a friend of hers, and I almost passed out when we got into her apartment.  I would have spent my last dollar if someone came around with a portable air conditioner and asked If I wanted to rent it. I couldn’t wait to get out of there and get some fresh cool air from the air conditioner in my car. I hope I never have that problem, but maybe it is easier to deal with than never being able to be cool enough.

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