This is a quality cooling unit

Every Summer my Mom complains about the temperatures in her house. We live in a hot climate, so the Summer season can be exhausting, and i’ve tried to talk her into buying an air conditioning unit for the house, but he thinks it is a waste of money. The indoor air quality in the house is poor, especially during the Summer months. There is so much excess humidity in the air, and my Mom already has trouble with asthma and breathing. She has been dealing with asthma for years. The Summer humidity doesn’t help at all.  Most afternoons are relentless with heat and the average temperatures are regularly in the ninety degree range. In May, I decided to buy an air conditioner for my Mom’s home. I was at the hardware store, and they had last year’s window A/C unit on sale. I bought an A/C unit big enough to cool the entire downstairs area of my Mom’s home. When my Mom started complaining about the heat, I went over and surprised her with the A/C unit. My Mom made a few excuses at first, but he let me install the A/C unit in the living room window. It only took about thirty minutes to complete the install. The new cooling system has heat and cool setting and a nifty remote control. My Mom didn’t want to spend the money but I think she was happy that I did. The indoor air quality will start to get better, now that we have a way to control the heat and humidity.

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