This is a nice temperature

One of my friends recently tried to get me into the running craze. She’s one of those really health-conscious people that admittedly has a really great figure as a result of her extensive exercise and a carefully-planned diet. I don’t consider myself to be particularly out of shape, but I guess compared to her, I’m not in the best of shape. She was not being mean about it or anything, but she insisted that there was a better me waiting on the other side of a good bit of exercise and a change of diet. It happened to be around New Year’s, so I figured I might as well fit another resolution in and start getting health conscious. One of the things that my friend swore by was getting up in the morning to jog. The problem with that was that it was January and most sane people spend their mornings enjoying their furnaces inside! We live close enough to each other, so she promised that she would be out there with me every morning for support, jogging right at my side. I gave it a go, but I quickly found that it was just not for me. It was hard enough leaving the warmth and comfort of my own heating system and home to get up to go to work in the morning, but to get up even earlier to squeeze in some jogging time was really rough. It was below freezing on the first morning, And stepping out of the warmth of my home and out into my front yard was hard enough, never mind going to meet her down the road.The whole time that I was jogging out there I was longing for the comfort of my furnace and home, and despite the fact that I was giving it all I got, I didn’t even end up warming up from the exertion!

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