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As an Heating, Ventilation & A/C dealer, I do some work on a/cs in the Summertime plus heating systems in the Winter time period, however not all of my own tasks have to be indoors. In fact, a lot of days I am really working on fixing a/c components that are set up outside a house. This means that I have to be outdoors for a sizable portion of the day. The other day it was 100 outside plus I had 3-4 maintenance calls in a row to do some work on a/cs. The first two calls went real good and fast. I was outside for roughly around 25 min each time plus I managed to maintenance the a/c, get my cash, plus go to the next one. Of course, I was covered in sweat quite a lot of the time, however I didn’t really feel any of the effects of it, but my next call, however, was truly a new experience. I had a truly hard time concentrating on the a/c component. It was 2 in the day at that time – the hottest portion of the day. The sunlight was pouring down on me as I worked; After 45 min of being outside, I noticed how sizzling plus sweaty I was! By then it was too much in the day, I began to feel quite sick like and dizzy. My heart rate began to go harder and harder. I could tell I was about to hit the floor. I walked slowly to our car plus turned on the a/c. I drank around two bottles of ice water plus wiped the sweat from my forehead using a towel. I sat there for around 15 minutes before I went back to my job.

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