This is a good idea

During the night a massive blizzard swept through our town, and it was so bad that I received a notification on my phone that they had cancelled school for the next day. My little ones had never had a snow day before, so they were super excited. I work as an HVAC repairman, and thanks to the roads I wasn’t able to head into work that day either. The heated gas furnaces would have to wait until tomorrow, because today I was spending the day with my family The very first thing that we did after breakfast was head out and build some snowmen in the front of the yard. We were all having so much fun that before we knew it five or six hours had already passed us. After a quick lunch and drying our socks and gloves on the heated gas furnace, my wife and I thought it would be fun to teach the kids some lessons in snowboarding. My kids are still pretty young and uncoordinated, so the snowboarding adventure didn’t last for very long. By the time the sun started to set, we were all totally exhausted. We all sad down on the radiant heated floors and ate some supper while talking about our favorite part of the day. The radiant heated floors were so warm and the kids were so tired, they were knocked out an hour before their bedtimes! Sometimes us northerners like to complain about how much it snows and how miserable it can be, but days like this really make you appreciate living up in the snowy region of the country.

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