This is a classic styled heater

My child was about to turn twenty-one years old.  Her best acquaintance asked her if she wanted to go cross-country with him for her anniversary present.  I was against the trip, but she was twenty years aged & was able to make her own decisions. They were gone about more than one weeks, when I got this PC call.  They had run out of money & their automobile had broke down. They were sleeping in Yellowstone Park. Actually, they were sleeping in the car, right outside of Yellowstone Park.   They had no money, no gas for the car, & no air conditioning. The NO Air Conditioning was strongly accented. My partner & I wired her $200 to get her home, but she had to walk almost more than one  miles to the nearest bank where she could get the money. After putting gas in the car, they were able to get back home. They travelled all the way back to the East coast without air conditioning, in the middle of July.  They also asked myself and others if I would be able to start the plans for them to get married. They wanted to get married right after she turned twenty-one, which was in various weeks. I knew I should have told her the trip was a terrible idea.  She said that sleeping out under the stars made her realize how much they loved each other. I kept hoping that coming home, without air conditioning, would have them both so frustrated that they would change their minds. I was so totally wrong. The ceremony went on as planned, in the middle of June.

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