This indoor unit works great

There are ductless mini and the multi-split systems which are devised of a single or multiple, indoor wall-mounted units linked to a compact outdoor compressor.  The units are both lightweight and quiet. They have a slim profile that easily incorporates into nearly any space. These types of heat pumps provide heating and cooling capabilities. Ductless heat pumps are fairly straightforward to install requiring little more than a small hole to be cut into an exterior wall and access to electricity.  Many HVAC contractors are able to finish a replacement project within a manner of hours. There’s no need to demolish walls or deal with the major messes of renovation. Because the ductless method uses technology to simply move heat between an indoor space and the outdoors, it provides regulated and energy efficient temperature control. The majority of new ductless systems feature inverter technology; this allows a device to adjust its speed to meet consumer demand.  This avoids continual start-up and shut-down cycles while achieving more evenly distributed temperatures. Despite their smaller size, ductless units are surprisingly powerful. They can either heat or cool a sizable room to an ideal temperature within just a matter of hours. By a tap of a button on a cordless remote, or even on a smartphone, the family can regulate temperature, fan speed and even a home’s humidity levels. With the added bonus of advanced air purification, many of the ductless heat pumps efficiently filter contaminants such as dust, dander, mold germs, and control indoor air pollen levels.  Because there are individual air handlers located in each room, you are able to customize the temperature to personal preference and even avoid heating/cooling empty rooms for more cost savings. While the purchase and a replacement of ductless systems is rather costly, the ductless unit will undoubtedly pay for itself in your home’s energy savings.

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