This house is too hot

The first car I ever ordered, I ordered with air conditioning. This was way back in the 70s, and before that we just would ride around with the windows down. My friends and I would joke around and call that nature’s air conditioning because we were all too poor to get a car that air conditioning already installed on it. But then I joined the military and by the time I was ready to get out of the service, I had saved up enough money to get the car that I really wanted and you better believe that it would most definitely not depend on nature’s air conditioning to keep me cooled off! The car that I ordered was a muscle car. It was a beautiful machine. It was bright cherry red with black racing stripes on the hood and on the trunk. The engine made the most beautiful roar that you’ve ever heard and that car would run 70 miles an hour in low gear! I’d rev up the motor until the valves started floating and it would pop and crack because the valves couldn’t work fast enough for the pistons. That car was a real machine! I loved the way it drove, but since we were living in a hot part of the country, my favorite thing about it was actually the A/C. We didn’t have air conditioning in our house, so on really hot days, I’d go get in the car and drive around with the windows up and the A/C blasting. That car’s A/C was a million times better than what my friends called nature’s air conditioning, let me tell you. Nature’s air conditioning was for the birds, no pun intended!

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