This house is air tight

Have you been realizing that your home is growing less and less efficient with its central gas furnace? If your heat bills are steadily getting higher with each passing month, it might have something to do with factors other than the weather. While each Winter season can be unusual plus periodically more intense than the last, each passing season is also another year your Heating and Air Conditioning proposal gets older. Just as we tend to have concerns as we ourselves grow older, so too will your central heater. If your heater is more than 16 years old, it could be time to replace it completely. Fortunately, emerging technology has made a Heating and Air Conditioning component that is more efficient than ever seen. Condensing boilers have been shown to improve energy efficiency by almost double over previous older models. A condensing boiler works in the easiest of terms to capture more heat than a usual boiler by letting less of the warm air to escape as exhaust gases. You can actually calculate how much you’ll be saving with a new boiler system by checking the efficiency of your modern model. Simply look for the AFUE, also known as the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, for your modern model. This rating will show how much warm air is retained in the home, plus how much is let out of the system. Condensing boiler central gas furnace units have a 90% rating, one of the highest available on the market. That rating means that 90% of the warm air stays in your home to keep it nice and toasty, meaning less cycles and less time spent turning up the thermostat, thus saving you tons of money. However, it’s important to pick the right size condensing boiler for your home Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.The number one way to find the right condensing boiler for your needs is to simply ring up your local heating and ac dealer.

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