This heating system is terrible

Summer is here and I don’t think I am ready for it. Autumn is my favorite time of the year, as it seems to be the perfect average of hot and cold weather. Spring is also great but Autumn comes with my favorite holiday celebrations and that gives it the edge. But though it’s not the best time of year for me, Summer still ranks above winter in my book. Our kind of weather is one of the best features of the place I live. It is seldom intensely hot, so while most persons have to have their HVAC machines going full time in Summer, we are usually able to get by with fans and window AC units.

               The reason I feel unprepared is that the past few weeks have been way above average, where temperatures are concerned. I guess this could be due to climate change, since I have lived here for over a decade and have never experienced a hotter summer. Because this terrible heat was unexpected, many of my neighbours and myself have not had our HVAC units serviced for ages. I am guessing that the local HVAC provider and his technicians are the only ones enjoying the heat, since their services have never been in such high demand!  My next door neighbour has even ordered a brand new HVAC unit for her home.

             Now that we have seen what climate change can do, we are definitely going to be more current with having our HVAC units tuned. I shudder to imagine how I would survive if the temperatures dropped real low and my furnace wasn’t functioning.       

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