This heater is an issue

My guy & I moved in together 4 months ago.  Both of us purchased a lake house together & moved into a suburban neighborhood.  I adore where both of us live & thoroughly find pleasure in the family friendly area.  Everything about our life together is lovely. Both of us seldom argue, unless it’s about the heating & cooling.  I am forever cold. I turn on the heat, even while I was in the Springtime. My hands & feet are forever cold. My guy is the exact opposite.  He overheats legitimately every time. He often wakes up in sweats because I turn the heat on when he’s resting. Both of us spent weeks arguing over our preferences, until both of us were forced to make a change.  Our Heating, Ventilation & A/C method needed to be updated. The units were getting really old & weren’t working properly any more. Both of us were looking through the catalogs & stumbled upon zone heating. This choice would allow us to adjust the temperature of each individual area.  Basically, both of us would be able to heat 1 room to a temperature that I felt comfortable in, while my guy could cool another room. This sounded to me to be a beautiful solution for us. Both of us instantly signed on for this option. The next day, a heating & cooling specialist came by to discuss the upgrade, however it took a few weeks, but the major upgrade was well worth the wait & currency.  The spats over heating & cooling have stopped. Additionally, both of us have increased our savings because both of us don’t waste energy on heating or cooling empty rooms. It has been a win all the way around for us. I am legitimately grateful for this!

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