This heater has become a problem

My fiance and I had the perfect weekend getaway planned out.  He took off time from work and I spent the past few days packing up the car.  Both of us headed out for a beautiful trip to the mountains. Though driving through the snow and ice was kind of a hassle, it all felt worth it once we arrived at our quaint and cozy cabin.  As soon as the we unlocked the door, we noticed that it felt just as cold inside the lake house as it did outside. Thinking the owners must keep the gas furnace off when no one is in the cabin to save energy, my fiance hastily turned the gas furnace on as high as it could go. To our surprise, it didn’t do anything. The thermostat didn’t light up and  the gas furnace did not turn on. Both of us called the man that we rented the lake house from and he claimed that the gas furnace had been broken for some time now. He never told us this before we rented the cabin. He gave us the option to use the fireplace, but there wasn’t even chop firewood readily available. My fiance and I had to go cut wood as soon as we got in from our long drive. Both of us were very unhappy to have to do this just because the gas furnace had not been fixed yet. We both vowed to check out the next cabin we planned to rent to make sure that it does indeed have a functioning air conditioning equipment & gas furnace. Both of us were able to keep warm with the fireplace, but the two of us would have been warmer had the cabin’s gas furnace actually been working.

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